ECT - 電子顯微鏡斷層影像重建軟體

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DigiECT Release 3.1.1 build 3114  (NVidia drivers : use drivers 295.73)
NEW | Nitro(r): New iterative reconstruction algorithm: optimized, automatic and easy to use 
NEW | Manual Seeds: Add or remove seeds for registration

DigiECT Release 2.7.3 build 2225 (NVidia drivers : use drivers 266.35)
R3D : New filters in pre processing step of registration 
R3D : It is possible to change the position of the rotation axis (translation only). 
R3D : New "use" option : if this option is ticked, the projection is not taken account for the registration and for the reconstruction 
R3D : Manual registration available in pre processing step 

DigiECT Release 2.7.1 build 2100 (NVidia drivers : use drivers 259.81)
R3D : The registration can be done step by step : pre align, find seeds, tracking, compute geometry 

DigiECT Release 2.6.1 build 2012 (NVidia drivers : use drivers 259.81)
R3D : NEW IHM which gathers FDK and REG 

DigiECT Release 2.5.2 build 1521
Units : millimeters, micrometers, nanometers 
REG : NEW patches option 
REG : NEW "view patches" option. 
REG : NEW angles file creation. 

DigiECT beta 2.5.1 build 1518
NEW iterative algorithms for reconstruction (ART family). 
NEW registration algorithm for electronic micro tomographie.