XCT - X光、同步輻射影像重建軟體

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DigiXCT 3.4.4 build 3525 RC 
ADD| compatibility with Phoenix geometry version 2: add the compatibility with the version 2 of the pca file

DigiXCT 3.4.2 build 3523 RC 
CHANGE| snapCT: Enhancement of commuication with GPUs 

CHANGE| DigiR3D / intput tabIn R3D, enhancement of the feature X spot drift.

NEW| DigiPOF: New plug-in DigiPOF which allows to filter the volume after the reconstruction 

CHANGE| Interface Change: interface's color and improvement of volume's display with new parameters in preferences
CHANGE| Histogram: from 3.4, the histogram is interactive : no need to click on Apply
CHANGE| DigiR3D / intput tab: new contrast parameters in input tab of DigiR3D
CHANGE|Dicom compatibility: Update the dicom library and add the compatibility with UTF-16 


CHANGE| Dicom library updated Compatibility with UTF-16


NEW| add padding value parameter in calibration file: in Calibration File, add new parameter : padding Value used with cylinderConstraint option and cylinderConstraintFromGrid option. It is the value outside cylinder

DigiXCT/SnapCT RC1

NEW| pre processing New denoising filter : WOLF
CHANGE | volrender: Volrender is temporarily hidden

DigiXCT 3.2.3 build 3222 RC3

CHANGE| Compatibility with GE CT 120 The gantry position is automatically taken account when the geometry file is loaded in digiR3D. The button "from first projection" in input tab of R3D no longer exists

DigiXCT 3.2.2 build 3221 RC2
CHANGE| Image position for dicom format Improvement of the image position when reconstructions are done in dicom format

DigiXCT 3.2.2 build 3220 RC1
NEW | Nvidia Kepler compatibility
NEW | dongle free license: the new digiXCT 3.2 version will be delivered with a license file. That way, no dongle will be required to start up the software anymore
CHANGE | Metal artifact: improve metal artifact reduction filter
CHANGE | Nitro and local tomography: Fast Nitro and Local tomography

DigiXCT 3.0.3 build 3041

DigiXCT 3.0.2 build 3032 RC2
NEW | Nitro(r): New iterative reconstruction algorithm: optimized, automatic and easy to use (nitro arguments are added in SnapCT) 
NEW | Shock Filter: Edge enhancement filter ("postfilter SHOCK3D" argument added in SnapCT) 
CHANGE | -remap option does not exist anymore. Option forced with dicom export 

DigiXCT 3.0.1 build 3019 RC1
CHANGE | New IHM for 3D reconstruction plugin (DigiR3D) 
CHANGE | Calibration plugin is integrated to R3D plugin 
NEW | List of GPUs for reconstruction (boardlist argument is added in SnapCT) 
NEW | Metal Artefact correction. Reduced artifacts due to high density parts (interpolatemetal argument is added in SnapCT) 
NEW | Bilateral filter. Edge preserving filter based on intensity and local feature detection (postfilter BILATERAL argument is added in SnapCT) 
CHANGE | arguments name changed -noRamCache is replaced by -radioramcache and argument -noDiskCache is replaced by -radiodiskcache -geometric3D, -geometric2D, -lapalace18, -laplace26, -median6, median18, -median26 are replaced by argument -postfilter FILTERNAME 
CHANGE | alreadymasked flag does not exist anymore in SnapCT (maskScheme argument is added in SnapCT) 
FIX | Warning appeared when the post processing Geometric3D was used 

DigiXCT 2.4.0 build 1012

DigiXCT 2.2.1 build 284
FIX CAL: support for rotated detectors. 
FIX SNP: bug when reconstructing in v1 format. 
FIX SNP: better use of large GPU memory. 
NEW SNP: output in image stack. 
NEW SNP: Upgrade to CUDA 1.1, and GPU accelerated FFT. 
FIX RIV: image operation failed with batch copy. 
NEW lib: updated DICOM support. 

DigiXCT 2.2.1 build 268
FIX FDK: crash when unchecking auto size. 

DigiXCT 2.2.1 build 251
New dockable windows, icons and color scheme. 
New realtime ray tracing to display 3D volumes, with shadows. 
FDK: fix image cache management for preview. 
FDK: fix crash when using background removal and preview. 
FDK: fix crash when reconstructing one slice in Z. 
FDK: enable losange correction of the detector. 
FDK: Hardware accelerated SnapCT reconstruction. 

DigiXCT 2.2.0 build 240
Edit transparency directly inside appearance dialog. 
Noesis IM6 volume import/export plugin. 

DigiXCT 2.1.2 build 236
New all-in-one export dialog. 

DigiXCT 2.1.1 build 230
New 64bit edition. 
New FDK use parallel image loading and filtering. 
New four window mode : 3 slices + 1 perspective. 
Self test architecture. 

DigiXCT 2.0.5 build 222
New RawImport to import a raw volume, or convert it to a stack of images. 
CAL exports to Cobra and send geometry to the FDK's dialog. 
Command line FDK 

DigiXCT  2.0 build 203
DigiCT 2.0 is a major change in the internal structure of the application: 
New memory abstraction layer enables to handle unlimited volume sizes, in an optimized way both on low and high end machines. 
Unified voxel access enables all algorithms to handle transparently all size of volumes. 
Threaded algorithms and i/o enables to get the best from duo core or multi-processor machines. 
New volume file format is optimised for speed, and is portable between architectures, between high-end server and low-end PC. 
Of course, DigiCT 2.0 is fully forward and backward compatible with version 1.0: you will read and write version 1 or 2 volumes seamlessly. 
CUT: no more limitation to a single subGrid.
New option to export a stack of slices aligned with the current cutting plane. 
SIM: no more limitation to a single subGrid.
SRF: no more limitation to a single subGrid.

DigiXCT 1.13.3 build 136
OBS new : raw import dialog accessible through menu. 

DigiXCT 1.13.3 build 135
RIV new : window has now minimize/maximize icons. 
FDK fix : preview cache is automatically trashed when radios parameters are changed (previously, flip/rotate/mask were ignored). 
FDK & SIM new : release sub-volume memory when job finished. 
OBS new : global volume min and max are now stored in files (instead of computed when needed, e.g. SRF). 
OBS new : color tables file format change. 

DigiXCT 1.13.3 build 134
RIV new : compare images tab can use Logarithm of images. 
RIV & OBS new : video codec selection saved in settings. No need to chose the video compression parameters each time you build a video from DigiOBS or RealImageViewer. 
FDK fix : avoid volume resolution forced to 2x2x2 after multi-volume reconstruction cancelation. 
RIV new : options tabs are shown by defaults at application startup. 
OBS fix : arrow keys make the currently moving item (volume or clipping plane) to rotate 1 degree. When moving the volume, pressing Control rotates the camera, rather than the volume (fly mode). 
FDK fix : the first time a volume is defined (Geometry parameters) it is automatically fitted to the view. 
SCRI new : Control+Enter starts the script execution. 
SCRI new : quotes are now handled in scripts (allow to use filenames with spaces from scripts). 
CAL & FDK new : DigiCAL warns the user when closing without saving the computed results. If DigiFDK license is valid, the results are then automatically transferred to the DigiFDK GeometryWindow. 
CAL new : an html info file is saved aside the calibration. 
RIV fix : autocontrast explicitely redisplay the image when toggled (no need to reload image). 
RIV fix : invert button is a tristate button, and is now handled when autocontrast is on. 
RIV new : Light Edition version and LE mode if key not present or expired. 
CUT fix : default binding of Enter Key to Help button removed. 
FDK new : all path contained in CAL files (Calibration files, containing information for reconstruction) are kept relative when located under the same directory as the CAL file itself (allow painless "Project" relocation). 
FDK new : when the automatic volume size calculation is activated, the displayed bounds are updated in the Geometry dialog. 
CAL fix : it is now possible to drop image files directly onto the DigiCAL window. 
CAL new : automatically fit the clamp bounds to image size when a new image is loaded. 
CAL new : clamp bounds are kept fixed in image space when images are rotated or flipped. 
CAL new : replaced the 2nd stage (Probe definition) with the more complete Settings (that also contains the Probe Definition). 
OBS new : now possible to export slices in any format, and in multiple directions at the same time.
Note: extensions are not fully checked yet (especially for ".gz" extensions, and unhandled file-types).
Note: using ".tif" as export format allows 16bits tif images export (as a side effects, images are greyscale; colortables are used with color-supported formats, such as ".bmp", ".jpg") 
CUT fix : sampling artifacts at multivolumes boundaries are now correctly handled. 
CUT new : less memory consumed when computing slice. 
CUT new : use current volume display properties to display the slice (i.e. clamp bounds, not the colortable yet). 
CUT new : PageUp/PageDown shortcuts for next/previous slice (useful on small volumes, when computing time is small). 
OBS fix : sub progress broken display is fixed. 
OBS fix : progress bar is now visible at each volume resampling. 
FDK fix : autosize for the volume fits the source/detector pyramid as close as possible.
Note: this is an over-estimated volume for reconstruction, as not all the region of the volume can effectively be reconstructed (due to data missing), especially in the case where the center of rotation is far from the "radio center". 
FDK new : reconstruct summary now reports also the values that will be used for Bh coefficient, interpolation mode and logarithm mode. 
OBS fix : progress bounds was too large for minMax, histogram and meanVariance computation (negative progress appeared due to overflow). 
OBS & RIV fix : coherency when reading TIFF and ATN images
Note: you might need to select the "already masked" checkbox in reconstruction where you previously used ATN images. 

DigiXCT 1.13.3 build 133
SRF fix : crash when iso-surface appeared on volume boundaries. 
SRF fix : explicit global volume min/max computation at each new surface creation (to update iso-value interface edit bounds correctly) 

DigiXCT 1.13.3 build 132
CAL fix : contrast was not correctly used in computations, thus spot tracking was failing with no visible reason. 
CAL fix : interface spinbox editors for detector resolution were limited to 2048, can now enter arbitrary detector resolutions. 
SRF fix : a "wall" surface was eventually appearing on volume border, when data was non-zero. 
FDK fix : preview was sometime messing-up detector resolution. 
FDK fix : radio images displayed with the "acquisition geometry" are downsampled to the maximum 2d texture size supported by the graphic hardware (in previous version, large radios could oversize the hardware limit, resulting in a warning and fully-white radio displayed). 
FDK new : negative values are no longer trashed during quantization. Default display bounds are still using 0 as minimum. 
OBS fix : raw volume import was keeping source file opened (and consequently locked by the the OS). 

DigiXCT 1.13.3 build 131
OBS fix : texture resolution was clamped using 3d textures maximum when extension was supported, even if it was not used. 
FDK fix : estimated time was limited inside one day range. 
OBS fix : splash screen can be closed (clicking onto it) during application startup (was mistakenly frozen). 
OBS fix : export BMP slices does not print absolute paths into the html sum-up file generated with the slices. 
OBS known problem: missing progress while resampling (application appears frozen, but is not). 

DigiXCT 1.13.3 build 130
DIC fix : now able to read compressed (gzipped) dicom files. 
VIA fix : exported volumes were mirrored. 
OBS fix : multi-volume slices export cancellation was sometime breaking DigiCT. 
FDK fix : c-key (for volume outline visibility toggle) and t-key (for cutting slice opacity toggle, when pressed with both shift and ctrl, and when 3D textures are used) now also affect the preview volume (if any). 
RIV fix : was sometime losing current directory 

DigiXCT 1.13.2 build 123
FDK fix : minimal volume resolution is forced to 1x1x1. 
FDK fix : previewed slices falsely appeared empty when using large bh (clamp was due to min/max edit widget). 
OBS fix : histogram display. 
OBS fix: export of BMP slices was not checking that destination directory field was filled in. 
CAL new : automatically find the rotation direction and set the rotation axis sign. 
CAL fix : settings from last calibration are correctly displayed when re-opening digiCAL. 

DigiXCT 1.13.2 build 110
FDK geometry configuration dialog has new Apply button and Show geometry checkbox to display an outline view of the geometry being defined.
Note: the grid does no longer disappear when the geometry outline is displayed (bugfix). 
SRF surface computation now works on multivolume files. 
OBS volume read does no longer need to allocate as much memory as used during reconstruction.
OBS histogram computation for Volume Appearance dialog avoids min and max computation, if display properties are stored in the volume file. 

DigiXCT 1.13.1 build 86
CAL & FDK interfaces encourage a fixed project structure. 
New interface color and icons.
Fusion histogram display: now the volume appearance tool use the same interface than the DigiHT plugin.
In particular, this enable to mix smooth and hard color changes. 
RIV: Motion detector to stabilize random stage motions.
Uses copy panel options for output directory, format, geometry correction, contrast, etc. 
Image formats included in all applications, including RealImageViewer and DigiOBS_LE.
Supported gray-level formats include float images (.img), various 8 to 16 bits raw formats (.raw), up to 16-bits tiff images, DICOM images (.dcm). Color images include JPEG, BMP, TIFF, etc.
All this formats can compressed/uncompressed on the fly by adding the .gz suffix. 

DigiXCT 1.12.3 build 47
FDK: quantize settings, in Computation panel. Defaults to 16 bits (aka "Very good"). 
DIC: Import images from GE medical scanner using DICOM format. 

DigiXCT 1.12.3 build 44
Automatically detect multi-processors, on windows platforms. 
Allow for a different h/v spherical deformation, on image corrections. 

DigiXCT 1.12.3 build 41
RealImageViewer: new interface. 
Image plugin: read raw images from medical scanners. 
SRF: New tools to optimize surface. 

DigiXCT 1.12.2 build 32
FDK: Slice and Grid preview buttons changed to be more convenient. 
FDK: Preview grid can be displayed along with the final grid. 
RIV: Added PageUp and PageDown key to move to next/previous images. 
RIV: Added brightness control. 
CUT: now use the current brightness correction \ when saving an image. 

DigiXCT 1.12.2 build 30
Won't crash when the display is in 16 bits mode. 
FDK: Added a background in input images section. This permits to have a speedup of x2 (for 256^3 volumes) to x4 (1024^3). Or more for particular geometries.
Drawback: if the background value is to high, the object will be rimmed off: its thinest parts will diseapear. Hence, the default value is None, which means don't use this feature.
To have an evaluation of the best value, use something lighter than the background level (after mask removal), but darker than the darkest pixel seen through your objet. 
FDK: The build mask feature uses a robust filtering technics, and provide pretty good results. 
FDK is now X-Tech compatible: just drop parameter file .par and image files .atn over the applicatin to read them. 

DigiXCT 1.12.2 build 16
New version numbering scheme.